error in training of EASY VR Sheild with arduino mega 2560.

i have some problem in training of Easy Vr Sheild with arduino mega 2560.i place the Easy Vr Sheild on arduino mega board in that sense that easy vr sheild,s pin D0 connect to the arduino mega 2560 RX0 and so on. mode of sheild is on PC mode and when i train command in easy vr commander its showing an error like… “training error:recognition faild”
what should i do.
com port selected correct which is available.

Mmm... i've used EasyVR Shield with arduino UNO and i hadn't problem with the training; it could be the microphone... try to disconnect and connect the microphone! and try to speech nearly to the microphone!

sir when i test the builtin commands its work properly it means mic is working properly??

Please help me...i stuck on this error... :(