error in using of SoftwareSerial

hi all of masters

when i'm using SoftwareSerial when i want to compile the sketch at the end of compiling it shows

" exit status 1 Error compiling for board Arduino Due (Programming Port). "

what should i do for it??

every suggestion would be great yours truly

hi hatam_mn

SofwtwareSerial is not compatible with DUE, this library emulet a serial port and works with avr boards.

DUE is a SAM board, you must use the hardware Serial ports, it has 4 hardware

Serial port, Serial0 is the primary port and is the one that we use to download the programs, You can use Serial1

(pin 18,19), Serial2(pin 17,16), Serial3(pin 14,15), Normally I use Serial3 and its work perfect.

Hope this information helps you