Arduino DUE SoftwareSerial

exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino Due (Programming Port).

please help me.
i need software serial library for arduino Due.

Why ?

The DUE has 4 available hardware serial ports.

If you need a software serial library for the DUE, you will likely have to write one, although why you would want to do that ................

If you look at then entire error message, you will get a lot more information. There is more there than the last line in the output window.

It is also much better to post the data, not an image of the data. Just use that handy "Copy error messages" button

i connect due with pc using USB. here software serial library is for 8/16/20 MHz. but Due is 84Mhz. so Software Serial library don't work.

You do not need SoftwareSerial to connect your board to the PC. Use the hardware.

Its not that it does not 'work' the complier is telling you there is no Software serial library for the DUE.

Use one of the many hardware serial ports as suggested.

i want my sim800L connect with due. and check it for AT command using my PC. thats why i need softwareSerial library. is there any other way ?

Did you look at reply #1? There are 4 hardware serial ports on a DUE. Use Serial (aka Serial0) to talk to your PC. Connect your SIM to Serial1 (Pins 18/19) and you are good to go.

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but arduino ide can not compile. whats the solution?

Just get rid of SoftwareSerial and use Serial1

// talk to SIM800 using DUE Serial port 1 (pins 18/19)

void setup() {



void loop() {

  // report anything coming from SIM
  while(Serial1.available()) {

  // send anything back
  while(Serial.available()) {

You are going to have to make sure you have the pins wired correctly and the baud rate is correct, etc.

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