Error when compiling onto Esplora


When I compile my code (shown below, a basic experimental test using the tinkerkit ports on the Esplora) I get multiple errors each ending in this error line:

C:\Users*Username*\Documents\Arduino\libraries\TinkerKit\TinkerKit.cpp:129: error: ‘class _Esplora’ has no member named ‘readTK’

I did extensive research and browsed the GIT repositories and even looked at the C++ code and header files in the libraries. I could not find a fix, and I found no evidence of Esplora.readTK anywhere on the internet except in the GIT repository for the TinkerKit code. My end goal is to access at least one digital write capable port on the esplora(it must be on the esplora), and I assumed I could do that simply using the TinkerKit library or at least use the ports somehow. But I couldn’t even test the TInkerKit port because it wouldn’t compile. By the way, I am not using tinkerkit parts, but I am using the three wires and a proper setup using one led, and according to their website that is fine, and anyway it would not affect compiling. My esplora library is up to date along with my arduino IDE.

my code:

#include <Esplora.h>
#include <TinkerKit.h>
TKOutput light(O0); //(that is an O followed by a zero) I haven't gotten to the point where I have figured out which port it really is on, since it is not clearly labeled on the Esplora
void setup(){
void loop(){
  int button = Esplora.readButton(SWITCH_1);
  if(button == LOW){
  }else if(button == HIGH){;

The circuit is the tinker kit signal line going into a 220ohm resistor then going to an led then back to ground of the tinker kit port.

What should I do to be able to write one digital data value?
And does any one know the voltage coming out of a tinker kit port?

TinkerKit Library:
Esplora Library:

UPDATE: I found out how to use digital write with the ports, but does anyone have an answer for this error?
Update: I got everything working…but I may sometime want to use TinkerKit parts, so any one have a solution?