Error when importing Libraries into the Arduino Online Editor.

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a great day!

I've been using the template example in the Arduino Online Editor called "PubSub"

But it's immediately crashing due to "/tmp/062744661/PubSub_copy/PubSub_copy.ino:34:10: fatal error: aws-iot-device-sdk-cpp.h: No such file or directory
#include <aws-iot-device-sdk-cpp.h>"

I've been using #include <Libary.h> often with my other projects, I'm not sure why this particular project is throwing an error. I'm not including the rest of the code as I haven't changed anything and this code is breaking at line 1. This is a public example code available to everyone in the online editor.
Does anybody know what could cause this? Thanks
(Please see attachments. Couldn't add them inline for some reason ... ?)


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