Error while setting serial port parameters

Error while setting serial port parameters: 9,600 N 8 1
i change to any type of parameters. such as 115200, problem still exist.

Hello All,
i have facing an instant error message as above.

re-installed driver, same problem exist.

looking in google, any step done. problem still exist.

any idea or solution about this matter? thank you

No. I might if you post the code though.

And the FULL error!

i got the message error :

  1. open the arduino ide.
  2. open the serial monitor, error appeared. no code also same problem. (standard open ide ).

i am sorry, suddently it was working well. i put the sketch then uploaded , it was okay.
before i just stuck with this error a few hours, can not do anything. solve by it self.

I know that this has a solution, but next time it will be very useful if we know what board you are using.

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