ESC Brushed Motor

Hi there ! I have a project which I reused my RC Car and convert it to Bluetooth Controlled Line Following Robot.

My Schematic Circuit :

Questions :

  1. Is this DC Brushed or Brushless Motor ?
  2. Where should I start first ?
  3. Can I specified the speed of the Brushed DC Motor just by coding it ? If not, what component should I use ?
  4. How should I know that my ESC is programmable ( Novak Hyperfet ESC 20A) ?

So this is the picture of my motor :

PS, if you have any example of coding, please provide it as I'm not sure which one is suitable for my project.

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It has only 2 wires so is a brushed motor

You can control its speed by changing the voltage applied to it or by using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to vary the average voltage applied to it. The latter is the job of the ESC which may also enable you to control the direction of rotation of the motor

To provide more help then full details of the ESC will be required

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Hey Mr. UKHeliBob, I only have this datasheet which might help you. Sorry, I'm not sure with this ESC as it is an old ESC. Please take note that this DC motor is for speeding / reversing. So I guess it should turn 360° so that the tires rotate as it should.

You're suggesting 2 things here, does this means that I need to buy any components ?

Novak Hyperfet ESC.pdf (2.5 MB)

If you can get the ESC working then you do not need to buy any more components

The ESC can be controlled by the Servo library, but the main problem may be setting it up. The PDF describes a procedure (step 6) based on the ESC being connected to an RC receiver so you will need to mimic those inputs

Have you ever used the Servo library and what is your experience of the Arduino ?

First of all, I need to clarify that this is the first time I playing with Arduino, since this is my first project. Btw, the controller doesn't have any battery on it, and I couldn't find one. But, does that necessary since I need to control it through bluetooth ? As you can see from the circuit above, I already connected the yellow wire ESC to ~3 ( to control the brushed motor ) and blue wire PS201S - 6V to ~5 in arduino pin.

To avoid confusion, PS201S - 6V is for controlling front tyre for left and right turn, while ESC DC Brushed Motor for forward and reverse of the tires.

From your reply I am sorry to say that this project is probably too difficult for you at this stage of your knowledge. My advice would be to get the basics of Arduino programming under your belt before considering trying to use this ESC.

If you are determined to use this particular brushed motor then consider getting a modern ESC which will come with instructions and support, but make sure that it is designed to be used with a a brushed motor. ESCs for brushless motors are more common and are unsuitable

An alternative is to use a motor driver board rather than an ESC which, once again, will be supported and a library for it will be available


Hey Mr. UK, thank you for clarifying this as what you said seems to be true for me :sweat_smile: Anyways, thanks again for replying. Kudos :slight_smile:

If you do a search for Novak in this forum you will see that others have tried to use the ESC, but I found no examples of code where they succeeded

Come back if/when you get stuck and good luck with your project


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