Escape Room Biz needs help creating interactive puzzles, etc

We are building an escape room and want to have a number of puzzles that will require different sensors, triggers etc. I believe most (if not all) of what I need can be done using Arduino.

This will be a paid gig. I'm open to paying per hour or per project or task.

I'd prefer someone who is in the Phoenix metro area so we can get together when necessary.

We are going to be located at 51st Avenue and Bell Rd

I can think of several approaches. My family are big Escape Room fans and often rent the whole room for 4 to 6 of us as a team.

My kids are adults now, but we still get together every Easter for an "Easter Egg" challenge. It gets more complex every year. I started with a "Simon" game that contained an ESP8266-01. As you play the game, I counted the green button presses, and after six times, I sent a signal to another box with an Arduino Uno and a sound shield. The box held six eggs and it sequentially dropped an egg by servo control. In the game there was a chicken on a nest on the top, and a padded basket on the floor to catch the egg.

I've also had a fake light switch on the all that sent a signal to drop an egg when toggled.

Last year I had a fake book that when opened it sent a signal to an Arduino in the attic which was controlling an electromagnet that was holding an egg (with a magnet inside) to the ceiling. They never saw the egg on the ceiling until it dropped.

We also had an RFID card reader on an Arduino inside of a stuffed Peeps bunny. As the kids found items, they would hold it up to the very nearsighted bunny for further instructions. (The RFID card reader was between the bunny's eyes). Oh, the bunny "talked" through an Amazon Echo Dot inside, but I won't repeat that method. I have since found a better way to make the prop talk.

This year, we decided to make the setup easier for ourselves and just use two rooms, instead of the whole house. And we will have more time to set up the room in advance. The room will be made to look like a 1960's era private detective's office. We are checking out flea markets and other places for props. The main "star" of this game is a telephone on the detective's desk. The phone can do everything a real phone can, except for voice recognition. (Maybe next year). I can send it a command to ring, and when they pick up the phone, they will hear a prerecorded message. (The recordings are on an SD card and can hold hundreds of messages). They can dial numbers as well. The detective's office is a mess and there will be notes all over the room, some with phone numbers.

We are still developing the story, but we will start outside of the office, which will be locked. The phone will be ringing and the players have to figure out how to get inside. Of course, I will stop the ringing just as soon as they enter the office.

So, what are your plans? Send me your email if you want to chat further.