ESP-01 Not boot when connected with device

Hi, I am using ESP-01 (1MB) with the ESP-01S relay module. I have tweaked the module by connecting VCC with CHPD through 10K, remove R2 from the board, and pullup GPIO0 with 10K.

When I program ESP-01 with the programmer it's working fine. but When I connect it with Relay Module, It shows it as standalone. When I fill UID/PASS then again it shows up as standalone. sometimes it connected with my wifi network but not shown IP and its name. I connected a switch as an Input with serial

in setup its like this

#define in_led 0 
#define btnPin 3
void setup() {
  pinMode(in_led, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(in_led, LOW);
  pinMode(btnPin, INPUT);
 attachInterrupt(digitalPinToInterrupt(btnPin), checkButton, CHANGE);
 Serial.begin (115200,SERIAL_8N1,SERIAL_TX_ONLY);
   Serial.println("failed to connect, we should reset as see if it connects");

Interestingly code in interrupt works, but not the other piece of code. it only shows as a standalone device. Any idea what is going wrong?

These are nice modules but there are a lot of restrictions that must be adhered to. I copied this from: The pins highlighted in green are OK to use. The ones highlighted in yellow are OK to use, but you need to pay attention because they may have unexpected behavior mainly at boot. The pins highlighted in red are not recommended to use as inputs or outputs.

| Label | GPIO | Input | Output | Notes | | - | - | - | - | - | | D0 | GPIO16 | no interrupt | no PWM or I2C support | HIGH at boot
used to wake up from deep sleep | | D1 | GPIO5 | OK | OK | often used as SCL (I2C) | | D2 | GPIO4 | OK | OK | often used as SDA (I2C) | | D3 | GPIO0 | pulled up | OK | connected to FLASH button, boot fails if pulled LOW | | D4 | GPIO2 | pulled up | OK | HIGH at boot
connected to on-board LED, boot fails if pulled LOW | | D5 | GPIO14 | OK | OK | SPI (SCLK) | | D6 | GPIO12 | OK | OK | SPI (MISO) | | D7 | GPIO13 | OK | OK | SPI (MOSI) | | D8 | GPIO15 | pulled to GND | OK | SPI (CS)
Boot fails if pulled HIGH | | RX | GPIO3 | OK | RX pin | HIGH at boot | | TX | GPIO1 | TX pin | OK | HIGH at boot
debug output at boot, boot fails if pulled LOW | | A0 | ADC0 | Analog Input | X |

Yes, I already read this. but I think that the main issue is with the RX pin when it's connected to the load (touch switch). It boots fine and working fine till its connected to FTDI Power, once connected with the relay module , its stop working :(

Uptil now I did the following

CH_PD = use Jumper to 3.3V, then later use 10K resistor GPIO 0 = PULL UP with 10K.

Also, swap relay module R1 with R2. but nothing seems working :(

So which GPIO pin are you using for the ESP-01S relay module ? If the schematic here is correct for your module, , the relay module has a 10k pull down resistor which may cause problems if the pin needs to be high at boot time.

Yes, it's the same module, I already removed the 10K resistor R2. but no use.