Esp32 App designing software

Does anyone know of app building software that supports wifi that doesnt require internet to update that app. I have tried OutSystems and Blynk. Both of which are a bust as they REQUIRE internet to work since they have to communicated with a server. I am looking to set the esp32 to connect to the tablet as a hotspot and have the esp32 update the app but apparently this is more complicated then i thought or maybe just not in demand. Any help would be great.


One method:
You can use a 2nd ESP32 connected to the tablet by hardware and send data back and forth using ESP-NOW.

Yea. Ive thought about that. But... i think ill have to hire an app developer. I dont know enough about it to make it work reliably and i dont think i want to add a bunch of boards and increase the failure points. Thanks for the post though.

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