ESP32-Board with core-Chip-Pin VDD3P3_RTC lead out?

Hello everybody,

I know the power-consumption of an ESP32 in deepsleep-mode is already very low.
Depending on the external components between 150µA and 15 µA.

I would like to build a battery-powered device with an ultra-low-power PIR-module and an ESP32. I want to reduce power-consumption as much as possible.

The ESP32-core-chip has a Pin called VDD3P3_RTC (core-Chip Pin No 19) that feeds in electrity only to the RTC and nothing else.

The mostly used ESP32-Wroom-modules don't led out this Pin.

Does anybody know of an ESP32-board that uses the bare ESP32-chip (= NOT using an ESP32-wroom-mini-PCB ) and has the
VDD3P3_RTC-pin and the VDD3P3_CPU-Pin led out ?

best regards Stefan

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