Esp32 CAM to Arduino Uno video streaming?

Hello everyone, new guy here. I just need a little push in the right direction. I 3d printed a pan and tilt mechanism for an ESP 32 cam. I'm using two (2) 28BYJ-48 stepper motors and their driver boards (because that is what I have) I am currently trying to drive those steppers with my Arduino Uno. My goal is to have a personal assistant program running on my computer that can track people through the esp32 cam... Can I stream video from the esp32 hardwired to the Arduino then through USB to my computer and display the video feed on my computer and have my computer control the stepper motors without using wifi or Bluetooth? or am I out of luck?

No, the Arduino UNO has nowhere near the hardware to support video streaming. The processor is too slow, it does not have enough memory or interfaces that are fast enough.

Ok so I guess the next step would be to set up the esp32 via Bluetooth and then slave the Arduino Uno to it?

If you want the ESP32 to tell the Arduino to move the steppers, that you can do. I do not know the UNO board in detail. Look for an available interface. You can use I2C, SPI or UART. Then you can send some simple commands to the UNO.

Thank you, I was just reading a forum on that. This was the push in the right direction that I was looking for!

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