ESP8266-01 with Arduino Uno


I recently purchased a ESP8266 WiFi module (ESP-01). My plan is to use this module in combination with an Arduino Uno and openweathermap to display the current weather in my city on a tft display. I've never worked with a WiFi module before so I looked up many tutorials. However I couldn't find a clear one explaining how to connect the module to the Arduino Uno and obtaining data from a webservice ( I did try to connect my module to my WiFi server with a number of tutorials but all without succes. I know this is quite a broad problem but if anyone has any tips or tutorials that match what I'm trying to do in any way I would really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance :)

I'd say by a full blown multi pin ESP8266 developer module, a 32 bit 80Mhz MCU and use that as a stand alone weather station.

just do a comparison of an Uno to a ESP8266.