(ESP8266) ESP-01 board flash configuration issue

Hello, When I try to connect my ESP01 board it works fine, I send AT and I get an OK.
Problem is happening when I update the firmware. Please see screenshots to know how I am doing it. I get checksum errors after this procedure. I am using the ‘NonOS AT Bin 1.7.4 version’.
I have attached screenshots of the following:

  • Flash tool and bin files to be loaded and their memory locations
  • Error the modue throws after being flashed
  • Guidance README document which comes within the folder of the firmware

Please help me point out where am I going wrong. Many thanks!

set DOUT
add 0xfb000 blank.bin

Thanks for quick reply. I am only using serial monitor and files inside the Firmware package. Just want to confirm if you would like me to place the ‘blank.bin’ file at ‘0xfb000’ location as well. So in total I will have blank.bin uploaded at 3 locations as per the attached screenshot?

it is recommended by the AT firmware reference pdf,
DOUT is important

Solved! Many Many thanks :slight_smile:

for some reason the 1 MB esp-01 modules don't implement QIO. But maybe they can run at 80 MHz, which is faster then QIO at 40 MHz. I didn't try it.