[SOLVED] ESP8266 ESP-01 - firmware - 1MB chip

The AT commands worked great on my ESP8266 ESP-01's when I got them. Then I tested uploading sketches onto the chip and ever since I haven't been able to get the AT commands to work again. I've tried the following tutorials for loading firmware.

Tutorial 1 gives the following errors

5-chip efuse check fail

[ESP8266Loader_spi[1]][espDownloader.py][line:468][ERROR]: ESP8266 Chip efuse check error esp_check_mac_and_efuse.

Tutorial 2 worked, but I have not been able to get AT commands to work after loading it. The firmware in the example is extremely old. I tried a different version of firmware from the site provided in tutorial 1, but that didn't work either. The particular firmware used in tutorial 1 was in a different format and was broken up into multiple bin files. The firmware in this example only has one bin file. I've tried changing modes, but that hasn't worked yet either.

The AT 1.7.4 version has bin file for flashing to 1 MB flash.

esptool.py write_flash --flash_size 1MB 0x0 boot_v1.7.bin 0x01000 at/512+512/user1.1024.new.2.bin 0xfb000 blank.bin 0xfc000 esp_init_data_default_v08.bin 0xfe000 blank.bin 0x7e000 blank.bin

For some esp8266 modules you have to add --flash_mode dout before --flash_size.


I did the bulk of my work with arduino 2 years ago before getting busy with other things. I've seen esptool.py mentioned in my IDE logs, but outside of that I'm going to be clueless about this tool. I had tried using two different flasher programs, but those didn't work. Or, one seemed to, but either it didn't or the firmware didn't. I'll see what I can find about esptool.py and see what I can do.

I'm not very familiar with command prompt, though, and my first attempts aren't going well. I've installed the most recent python for windows 7, but none of these commands work for me.

pip install esptool
pip3 install esptool
pip2 install esptool
python -m pip install esptool

Do I need to go to the python directory before doing this? I feel like the sites I'm seeing are skipping steps because there's an assumption of knowledge that I'm missing.

Also, was there a hexcode missing from your answer? I saw 6 .bin files, but only 6 hex codes. Or one of the hex codes appeared invalid to me, 0x0. Thanks!

a 0 is a 0 no matter if you write it like 0x0 or 0x0000

Unfortunately github explanations have never made any sense for me and I always look for other sources. Not necessarily for downloads, but always when it comes to explanations. I get errors when typing those commands, but at the same time, I have no idea what system those commands are for.

$ git clone https://github.com/espressif/esptool.git
$ cd esptool
$ pip install --user -e .

I was thinking they might be linux, but I’m in a whole new world here and need to start from square one with command prompt… I tried typing these commands while in the python scripts directory.

I was able to at least install esptool.py following instructions elsewhere.

I was able to get it to work after moving the bin files/folders into the same directory with the python scripts and just trying your code. I didn't use the github instructions. I feel like I did something wrong because I don't think moving the bin files should have been necessary, but I am getting AT commands now. Thank you very much!