ESP8266 Upload SPIFFS


I’m using IDE 1.8.5. When using an ESP8266-Board, there should be a menu item to upload folder “data” to SPIFFS. But instead there is an intem “WiFi101 Firmware Updater” (see attachment).

Whats wrong?

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What makes you expect a menu item to upload folder "data" to SPIFFS? If you found that information online somewhere then post a link to it. Please use the chain links icon on the toolbar to make the link clickable.

the tool

Why ask here?

Isn't it better to ask the author? for a start?


Did you install the tool plugin from ?


Is it as silly as not installing the plugin? ? ?

Thank's for your support. I had searched in many tutorials on how to work with SPIFFS. But there was no hint that I had to install some extra software.

After intalling the plugin it works fine.


Yip :slight_smile:

Sad when people cannot even read.