ESP8266 With Arduino Nano

Im using an ESP8266 With Arduino Nano. Attempting to run via softwareserial so that i can still use serial monitor.

I have: 3.3v to VCC D3 to RX D2 to TX GND to GND

Now I understand that I need to connect 3.3v to CH_PD to enable the ESP8266, however whenever I do this the LED on the board cuts out and the Arduino disconnects itself from my PC. Does this mean that theres a problem with the ESP8266 (a short or something)? Or is there a way around this.

I have attempted connecting via a resistor and through a pull-down resistor to ground, but no luck (the ESP stays on but will not respond to Arduino).


What are you using to power the ESP8266? I don't have one but from what I have read they can draw quite a bit of power.

Im just using the standard 3.3v from the arduino board itself (so basically USB power). Maybe if I switch to 12v through an LM317? But then can i still use the USB cable/Serial Monitor?


Are you sure you have the v090 version and not the v080? You can check to see here. *Yes you can still use the USB to power the Arduino and use the serial monitor, just connect the ground of the Arduino to the ground of the ESP8266 power supply.

You should use a seperate powersupply (I use a 3.3V 0.8A regulator.)

The 3.3V pin on the Nano can only supply 50 mA, and the esp8266 are consuming more than 200 mA when sending.

From the datasheet :

Up to 50mA can be drawn from this pin to power external logic if required.