Ethernet + GSM shields arduino

Hello ,

I'm trying to make an arduino project that will receive get massage from web , and the gsm would send an content message.

all is working separately, the ethernet and the GSM , but when together they are not and the GMS turn off .

GSM shield : ... asheet.pdf Ethernet shield : ... ts_id=2128

I so this solution,20340.0.html but couldn't understand the solution , ethernet uses pin 2,4 and he set that gsm would work on 3,4 so it should steel not work , am i wrong ? please explane :?

The links didn't work, but I will guess it is a power issue. The ethernet shield uses about 100ma, and the GSM shield (SM5100) could use up to 2A in transmit.

Page 10 here for power requirements if a SM5100.

D2 is not used by the newer ethernet shields. There is a jumper pad set on the bottom of the board between the ICSP connector and D2. You must jumper that to enable the INT pin on D2.