Ethernet Shield for NANO???

Hello, I recently purchased this Ethernet Shield for my Arduino NANO. (See Link) and I can't seem to get it to function. The device was suppose to come with libraries and example but didn't. Thus far I have had no luck with the standard libraries. I was wondering if anyone else is using this product and if so what pins does it use and where can I find the libraries, examples and data sheet for the device. Thanks in advance for your help. Or perhaps advice on what Ethernet shield to purchase for the NANO.

Thanks, Ron


You can’t use the included Ethernet library with the ENC28J60 controller. There are other libraries that should work but I can’t reccommend one.
Google a bit and try following one of the many tutorials out there perhaps?

Thanks Perhof, After searching around a bit I found the libraries and plenty of data. The only drawback I see is as I am using a standard Ethernet sheild on my Mega and the ENC28J60 Ethernet controller on the nano, the documents thus far have said you must remove the original Ethernet libraries from the libraries folder and replace it with the ENC28J60 Ethernet libraries, so it is going to be a shell game of moving folders when programming one unit or the other. Not really a big deal but a pain in the behind never the less.

Thanks again Ron has lots of nano shields as well, try them next time.