Ethernet shield -> Linksys router

Hi, everyone,

I have an Arduino Mega collecting some sensor data in my attic. The mega has a standard Ethernet Shield attached. I can connect to the Arduino running the WebServer example (with modified IP & MAC addresses) by hard-wiring the Ethernet shield and a laptop both to a Linksys WRT54G router. No problem there. Now, I want to enable wireless access to the Arduino. I am taking for granted that the router can be configured to act as a "wifi adapter" for the Arduino but I can't figure out how to do it. Nothing I do seems to allow browsers on the wireless LAN to "see" the Arduino.

The router is running Tomato (same as my home wireless LAN), with the same WPA-personal/AES encryption & SSID. The home router (call it #1) is at and the router connected to the Arduino (#2) is at

Tomato offers the following options for wireless connectivity: Access point Access Point + WDS Wireless client Wireless ethernet bridge WDS

I have tried all of them (adding the MAC address of Router #1 as needed) but no joy. Maybe it's not even possible to use a router in this way? I could use a suggestion!

Best regards, MRO

I am not familiar with Tomato, but "Wireless ethernet bridge" is what I would try if you want to use the same ip subnet on both router ethernet ports. Insure your wireless client security is set to match the other router's security requirements.

It is possible. I use it. I use Mikrotik routers tho.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Two follow-up questions:

  1. Should Router #1 remain an "Access Point?"
  2. If everything is working properly, should I be able to reach Router #2's administration interface via its IP address ( or does Router #2 just become invisible? It seems like the latter is happening.


Hi MRO. Check out this Tomato wireless client "video". This may be what you need. Shows how to set it up: