Ethernet Shield - problem


I must do a project with arduino + sensors and i will control this system on the website application but i have a problem with my ethernet shield w5100 + arduino leonardo.

When i’m loading a sample sketch DHCP i get the message → “Failed to configure Ethernet using DHCP”.
So, if i set a static ip in WebServer sketch i got the message “server is at:”, but if i try ping my adress ip my cmd log show me this message → Destination host unreachable.

I tested ethernet shield in my work and arduino connected when i used houwei router 2/3G LTE with my phone card. I’ve got DHCP IP and all works fine, but in my house i don’t know why its not working on my radio network installation…

Schematic of network installation in attachment:

ps. Sorry for my English :frowning:

So far if I'm not wrong:

You access to internet by this Antenna( radio ) device... You have internet by radio wireless at home and you connect it to a switch, and your dlink 900+ is configured as bridge to provide internet locally by wireless.

1st. what is this Antenna radio internet ? brand and model.
2nd. When you connect to your dlink by wireless, can you connect more than one device as same time? smartphone, laptop, etc ? Is any other device ( computer connected to the switch ) with internet access ?


Thank you for reply.

  1. Antenna is MikroTik, but i dont have a password to MikroTik Router OS, because this is a small village and one person provide devices and he has got all passwords.

  2. Yes, i can connect smartphone, tv smart, laptop, but sometimes disconnected for 5-10 sec when i plugged ethernet shield. The computer is connected by wifi, only ethernet shield need cable.

  1. Network on laptop works fine if I connect laptop to switch by ethernet cable.
    I have a problem with arduino when i connect switch to ethernet shield with this same cable.

3. Network on laptop works fine if I connect laptop to switch by ethernet cable.
I have a problem with arduino when i connect switch to ethernet shield with this same cable.


Still guessing.
This mikrotik, model please ?
For sure, this mikrotik is configured as bridge too, and you have dhcp server in the other side, not locally.
If you got this issue when you connect the shield to the switch: losing internet connection, I suspect some kind of hardware conflict.

See here: ethernet

Can you provide the IP assignment of one of your home device ?

I'm not sure, but i think that is this model: MikroTik MTAS-5G-15D120 Sector Antenna 5Ghz.

All devices have DHCP IP Address wifi.
Maybe Access Point works as a router?

Can you try with a router at your home ? Instead using a 4 switch port and a this dlink, this is only an AP, used as bridge only with LAN port.
Get rid of the switch and the dlink.
With a router you will connect the mikrokit ( if the model is that one, at 5ghz, is a nice peace of hardware ) to WAN port of the new router, and using the 4 lans ports and wireless as local lan for your home.
I got similar issues with an accton bassed AP acting like at your home when I tryed to connect to it with my HTC kaiser, or even my iphone 3s. The AP started to lose connectivity for other devices.
So I'm pretty sure it´s a hardware issue, hardware compatibility.
Just another shoot, can you try another switch ? keeping the d-link. Just to check hardware compatibility.

OK i will try it, but in Access Point (D-LINK) i have 1x LAN port and Power Supply, so i need more ports :frowning:

I connected my arduino to LAN port in POE supply and DHCP give IP Address, but still not working :frowning:

That MikroTik part number is just an antenna. What does it connect to?

Sorry but i dont know :frowning: Antenna is on the roof so i will check it tomorrow because is night now :slight_smile:
I know that ethernet cable from roof goes down to my room and it is plugged in POE port. POE supply has 2 ports → POE and LAN. LAN goes to switch.
I removed AP from switch and i connected to SWITCH <-> ARDUINO and not working. Next i connected ARDUINO <-> AP and the same situation. I connected LAN<->ARDUINO in POE Supply and i got DHCP Address. On monday i will buy a new router and i will check this.
I connected laptop to switch and it working perfect (i have internet and DHCP).

I presume the other component required will be MikroTik also. If you can see the rooftop devices, check here to see if you find something familiar. Go down about a third of the way down to “Wireless Systems”. You might spot your device.


I bought a new router and i connected it with my ETH Shield. All works fine :slight_smile:

Thank you for help!