expected initializer before void function

hi, im new to arduino, and when i compile my code the next error appears it says that expected initializer before void function, i’ve already read in the web and says that maybe i need a semicolon but i cant find where
my code is the next, i would appreciate if you could tell my where my error is.

//constantes para pines
const int xpin = A0; //pin x
const int ypin = A1; //pin y
const int zpin = A2; //pin z
const unsigned int baud_rate = 9600;
int x; //variable valor x
int y; //variable valor y
int z; //variable valor z
int contador = 0; //contador de valores
//valores obtenidos de getval
int valx1;
int valy1;
int valz1;
int constante=415; //constante para saber el numero que salio
//diferencias entre constante y valores obtenidos
int dif1;
int dif2;
int dif3;
int numero

//inicio del serial
void setup() //
Serial.begin(baud_rate); //
x = GetValX();
y = GetValY();
z = GetValZ();

int numero


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Yes, int numero needs a ; at the end.

int numero ;

Didn't the IDE also highlight the line for you, or indicate the line number? (looks like line 19)

thanks! i didnt see that :P

Easy to miss. You'll see those sooner after coding for 6 months 8)