Exploding Pro Mini

I have at least 3 versions of the Pro Mini, and have even designed PCBs that allow for the varying pinouts. Today I tried one (see attached photo) that has been in the parts box for a couple years. Works fine on 5 volts; exploded vigorously at 12V on the RAW input. Still works fine on 5V.

Is there a history of this?


** attachment (JPG) failed security check. What?

The picture was too big in memory size.

Reduce it and repost.


I doubt it. 157KB.

the cryptic message the bottom of the screen said it didn't pass the security test. I loaded a drawing just two days ago, no problems. So I don't think I'm putting a virus in the JPEG. Don't know.


Does your pic still contain the EXIF info or similar ?

Anyway your original Q.

I always try stay away from voltage higher than 10 volts.
Forum is littered with posts about 12 volts killing a variety of boards.
It just makes any regulators work to the extreme limits.


Thanks, Bob. I usually feed them with 9v, sometimes a little less, but I was just sitting here in the lab with a 12v supply at my elbow...

BTW, it wasn't the regulator. It was a 2-lead chip that looks like a surface mounted capacitor. It is right next to the +5/RST/GND pins. It looks electrolytic because it has a painted bar at one end.

I don't know about EXIF in the JPEG and obviously have no way to tell.