External 9 power for Arduino Nano?


The manual says it is pin 30 that takes in the external power. I would like to be able to run my arduino also stand-alone with this 9 V battery.

I can't find any label 30 on my arduino nano v. 3.0.

If 9 volts is not possible, thanks for letting me know. So it the right pin the VIN pin to connect my red cable and the black goes to GND?


Thanks for info again...,


Vin pin is the correct pin to connect 9vdc. The older nano labled pins 1-30, the newer shows 1-15 on each side. However pysically the Vin pin is in the same location for both.



Do you have any suggestions, how I can tell nano to work in stand-alone mode, without the usb power?

There was a jumper for this in the bigger arduino, but I can't find information how to do this on nano.


The +5vdc voltage selection is automatic, by way of a isolation diode between the USB's +5vdc and the on-board +5vdc regulator.