FaceTracknoIR offers several ways to comm. with your Arduino, Raspberry etc.

Hello Arduino-project devs,

This forum is about interfacing with software on the computer, so I guess this is where I should post this idea.

I am developer of FaceTrackNoIR. FaceTrackNoIR is a modular piece of software which receives data from a "tracker", processes this data and relays it to games, flight sims etc. Currently, FaceTrackNoIR supports over 500 games.

The tracker usually provides 6 floats, representing the Yaw, Pitch and Roll and X,Y and Z translations. This is where your Arduino comes in. Using inertial sensors, like accelerometers and gyro's, you can determine the orientation of your Arduino. If you want to use this data "in-game", you need an interface.

FaceTrackNoIR offers several interfaces, which the Arduino can use. The HeadArduinoTracker was developed to handle Serial communication. We have used this to create a headtracker, which incorporates a Bluetooth transmitter. On SourceForge I have posted a small INO, which sends the correct dataframe to FaceTrackNoIR.

If your device supports WiFi, you could also choose the UDP protocol or even the OpenSoundControl protocol to "talk" to FaceTrackNoIR.

I'd be interested to hear about your project(s) and be glad to help you to communicate with FaceTrackNoIR.