Failed to configure ethernet using DHCP


I have seen a lot of arduino projects over the past few years and have been saying Id like to get involved in that. So I have finally taken the project plunge and decided to start with a web server based project.

I have bought a saint smart 2012 based W5100 chip (I tried to add the link but the site would not let me) with an arduino uno Rev 3.

I have connected them up and uploaded the 'DHCP Address Printer' example sketch,, but when opening the serial print window I get 'failed to configure ethernet using DHCP'.

Has anyone encountered this?

Thank you!

Maybe I missed it but I did not see anything in your description that said that you connected to an ethernet network or that your ethernet network has a DHCP server.

Please provide more information.

Has anyone encountered this?

Yes, I think so. I've seen dozens of threads in this forum and when asking those guys having problems, in many cases this was simple network hardware and/or network configuration problem, causing trouble.

Many did not connect the Ethernet shield to their router, but to their PC instead. But the PC in a network is typically not configured as the DHCP server, it's the router. So you have to connect the Ethernet shield to the router in the network.

But in several cases, the "I-have-a-problem-guys" managed to mess things up by uploading a wrong sketch.

It has many possibilities to mess things up in an Ethernet network.