"Fake" Arduino

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Hey everybody. Just like the title says, what do you guys think of fake or clone Arduino’s, and I’m not talking about a Seeduino or others. Imagine a Duemilanove board, just without any silkscreen branding. Anybody have one of these and and a real Arduino? I accidentally bought one when I finally found a good deal for my first Arduino and thought I was buying a real one and decided to keep it. As far as I know, it behaves EXACTLY the same way. Any thoughts?

what do you guys think of fake or clone Arduino’s

This has already been discussed several times. I think the majority opinion is being a clone is legal as it is derived from open source documentation. However most agree that calling the board Arduino or having any marking suggesting it’s a ‘real’ arduino is not OK and in violation of trademark, but probably difficult or impossible to enforce. As far as quality, there is no telling vendor from vendor, many may be fine, some not so fine. You buy your ticket and take your chances. Supporting the ‘real’ Arduino company is worth a few extra bucks I would think.


Supporting the ‘real’ Arduino company is worth a few extra bucks I would think.

I was actually thinking of that myself, Lefty, and I totally agree. I guess I was lucky enough to get a fully functional clone. I also find it really cool that you can be a part of this awesome development community without being forced into buying ONE, “allpowerful” hardware. It would help, too if vendors realized its OK to not be totally original. Some people, like myself, a teenager with limited funds, would appreciate a dedicated source for “budget hardware.”

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The makers of Arduino are fine with you buying your own parts and making your own Arduino

From the book “Getting Started with Arduino” by Massimo Banzi (co-founder of Arduino)

It is open source hardware and software–if you wish, you can download the circuit diagram, buy all the components, and make your own, without paying anything to the makers of Arduino.

Though, I’m not sure they’re pleased with others making, and selling "Arduino"s