It sort of states what I am trying to figure out.

So I have a Program that is ising the EVERY_N_MILLISECOND timer in its simplest form and it is working OK..

The Problem I have is that after a little while it gets a bit out of sync with incoming data into a frame buffer to be drawn and so it starts drawing half displays at first and then corrects itself..

So What I am asking is if there is a fairly simple way that I can just Restart the Timer from a 0 state rather than being continuous as I can slide that reset into my code at the appropriate time..

I have been searching the internet and did find the every_n_timer_variable.ino by marmillicious but I don't quite understand it enough to use it and wneever I try to use the "_I" versions where you can name your timer the compiler says that the the timer name is not defined and errors.

Thank you

The only EVERY_N_MILLISECOND timer that I've used is in the FastLED.h library.

EVERY_N_MILLISECOND timer it actually a macro that is defined in lib8tion.h. If you can figure out the logic you are ten times the programmer that I am.

But, in the FastLED.h library, the EREVY_N functions are based on millis().

i'm unfamiliar with the VERY_N_MILLISECOND timer.

what are you trying to do?