Feasible? Programme video to play with motion

Hi Everyone,

I am completely new to Arduino and I am looking for a bit of help with my art work please!

Is it possible to programme an arduino board to play a video (projection) when triggered by motion?

Ideally I would like the video projection to start when someone enters the room, and then everytime the motion sensor is triggered I would like it to cycle through different videos or skip to a certain point in the video. Is this actually feasible?? I can tailor the video to fit with the requirements for the programming.

If so, I would be very grateful for some advice on which arduino board is the most appropriate and a suggestion of where to get programming advice for this, eg codes or instructions. I will be using a Windows pc connected to a projector.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!


Only if you have a video projector which accepts simple play/stop commands.

The unassisted Arduino cannot even play audio, much less video.

serial commands to PC from Arduino is possible. You may have to write a script to enable this to control the projector or the player... Most players have hot keys assigned.