Few Question about PZEM-004T

I am not sure if someone tested it. Please let me know if someone did.

  1. is this possible to measure more than 100A using PZEM-004T?

  2. how to measure all type of load (inductive, capacitive,etc) with PZEM-004T. ? its shows different values on some type of load, while meter readings with the Electricity Meter is different.

Please share some example code if possible.


  1. Read the datasheet!
  2. No need to consider the type of current, DC or AC, and regard their natural characteristics.

Please post schematics for more accurate replies.
If You post links to datasheets it helps us.

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A 100A (ringcore) current transformer is AFAIK supplied with that board, and the board has a matching burden resistor for that. I suppose you could replace that ringcore for a higher Amp one, but make sure the burden resistor matches the new transformer. The new one might even have a built-in one, in which case you need to remove the onboard one. Make sure what you're doing, because a current transformer without burden resistor can generate dangerous/high voltages.
Resolution (current per A/D step) will of course go down with a larger transformer.

here is the datasheet, I can not found anything related to my question

Yes, I thought about changing the CT, as the supplied one is 100A. but the module is able to calculate 100A max. though I may find a similar ratio CT for more Amps. but how I will be doing the the calculation. Do I need to add it manually after it process by the board system or I can calibrate board somehow which enabled to measure the desired one?

You can't. (I'll read the link...)
You can't exceed the limit of the module without changing the module, exchanging components. If the ,limit of the module is 100 Amps, that's the limit. Exceeding it might damage the module and no useful readings can be done.

Reading the link, my previous reply stands.

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