FFT in FPGA Arduino MKRVidor4000

Hello everyone,

I have worked with this Arduino MKR Vidor 4000 for a few months, and I have programmed the FPGA through ttf file generated by Quartus. Now, I need to perform FFT on the FPGA, and I am searching for a way to program in a "more easy" way the FFT through the USB Blaster emulation, released by Arduino.

Is there an image of FFT to program into the Arduino FPGA? As "FPGA.FFT(samples, out_real, out_complex);" etc. There has been a released from this that I have missed?

If this has been developed, is this image programmed in RAM?

Appreciate your reply in advanced!

Check opencores for FFT IP blocks and create librarier for it.

Recommend to check what kind data path you need to create to avoid transfer unneeded data between FPGA and MCU.

Quartus Prime Lite also “have” IP libraries but they are in evalution mode (time limit) and you can’t create file needed for programming flash. You have to bought IP license to create programmable image from it.

What I spoke few years ago with Altera FAE that timer starts after it’s disconnected from usb blaster and quartus programmer.

Full Quartus have these IP library licenses included.
Hard IP license fee is inluded in chip price. So these you can use with quartus lite version.

Limba, thanks for your reply.

I know IP cores from Quartus have limited life time, unless you buy the IP Base Suite package that gives you full license. But Intel sales representative for my country have not been able to sell me this package. Moreover, I have download an FFT opencore, but it's hard to debug and make it work on Quartus Prime Lite, maybe there is one core that you recommend? or can confirm a correct operation?

All this is the reason why I am looking for another way to program FFT in the FPGA, a simple way to avoid all the debugging in vhdl with an opencore fft.

I hope there is a better solution for this! As far as I have read, Arduino have developed a way to program the fpga through Arduino code, is FFT in it?

Thank you in advanced!

You can't program FPGA code throught Arduino. Arduino uses predefined FPGA images that have certain funtional configuration.

You can download vidor repository from git and it have sources for existing images and templates with baseline peripherals that is in FPGA library. You can add FFT for that template and create interface libraries for it.

Recommend to use/create testbench for checking that FFT is working right before adding it to image.