File transfer(cut/copy and delete) using 2 USB Bus Interface Chip CH375

Hello guys. I’m a beginner arduino user, so please help me. I’m going to use an Arduino Mega 2560 + two USB Bus Interface Chip CH375 to facilitate file transfer between two flash drives. But I cant get it to work. I cant find any arduino library for this module, let alone tutorials on the internet. This is for my thesis and it’s driving me crazy. I need all the help anyone could give. I attached the datasheet for the said USB module + two of its previous versions. Thanks in advance guys!

CH372DS1.PDF (262 KB)

CH372DS2.PDF (114 KB)

CH375DS1.PDF (289 KB)


Give a look into MAX3421E instead, it is a USB host control chip that has been used with Arduino to add Host capability.