filename extraction from __FILE__

after some searches I have found that from the FILE macro it is possible to extract the filename using the following trick

#define FILENAME (strrchr(FILE, '\') ? strrchr(FILE, '\') + 1 : FILE)

and it works!

Is there anyone out there so kind to explain the magic behind "(strrchr(FILE, '\') ? strrchr(FILE, '\') + 1 : FILE)" ?
Thank you in advance

The magic comes from the strrchr function.

And, the ternary operator

#define __FILENAME__ (strrchr(__FILE__, '\\') ? strrchr(__FILE__, '\\') + 1 : __FILE__)

(the address of the last backslash in the filename is not NULL)
use the address after the last backslash
: (else)
use the address of the start of the string

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Thank you !

the last backslash

Doesn't sound very OS-independent!