Filling and emptying water pumps / Llenado y vaciado de agua por bombas

I want to fill or empty by two water pumps (one other filling vacuum) using 4 buttons of different levels, I have 4 nieveles meter, this is my reference to the level, that's as push botton. . but I'm new to Arduino and didnot like it. Can anyone help?

Quiero llenar o vaciar por medio de dos bombas de agua (una de vacio otro de llenado) por medio de 4 botones de diferentes niveles, tengo un medidor de 4 nieveles, esa es mi referencia para conocer el nivel, eso es como push botton.. pero soy nuevo en arduino y nose como hacerlo. Alguien puede ayudarme?

Can I suggest that you ask this question in the Spanish section of this forum where it may be easier to explain what you want to do and for people to offer help.

Break the problem into separate parts - write a sketch to learn how to use each of your components - an easy place to start would be reading the buttons and displaying which is pressed on the serial monitor. The example sketches that come with the IDE will help there. When you have a sketch that utilizes each piece of hardware, start putting a simple sketch together that combines some of them. Perhaps one that reads the level sensors and the buttons and reports status through serial. Gradually add pieces until all your hardware is included.

You will get a lot more help when you have started something and can post details of your code, your hardware and whatever problems you're having with it.