Filling machine for powders


I want to create a filling machine for powders (different powders).
My idea was to do the following:

-Having a rotating plate with containers through it.
-rotating plate rotates the right container over a funnel.
-Some sort of valve opens, product starts falling in funnel.
-Product falls through the tunnel in a jar that is on a scale.
-When the right amount is reached, valve closes itself.
-The rotating plate of the jars rotates to next jar.
-Rotating plate of the upper containers rotates to desired product.

-Desired products + amounts are read from an sdcard or something, like:
Product1, 50 grams
Product3, 78 grams
Product7, 32 grams
Product2, 12 grams

I try to draw a picture about what I want to make, see attachment.

I think the rotating plates and the scale are no problem, but I have no idea about a valve. Maybe a valve that slides a whole open and close would be better. But I have no idea if something like that exists.

Problem is that I need a valve for every container in the upper rotating plate.

Any ideas, suggestions or critics?

use a rc servo arm to open and close a port like a windshield wiper

may need to use something like an auger or vibrator to ensure the powder flows and does not get stuck

maybe a combo, like a servo arm to open the port, then a vibrator on the plate that shakes, either to dispense the powder or in case the arduino detects that no powder is flowing

if you have different size holes on the rotating plate, each could hold "X" volume.

using 2 of one size and 3 of another could deliver a specific volume.

in this method, you would has a slide over the rotating plate under the hopper. the slide wold be like a sliding damper. and it would just push in and out. easy enough with a servo.

move a hole under the damper, fill the chamber, close the damper rotate so the hole is over the funnel and it will dump the load.

there are a few threads of people doing this sort of thing with gunpowder for automatic scales. might find what others have done with some searching.

they will also use a trickler to drop tiny amounts on the scale to get an exact value.