[Final Year Project (Title in progress)] - Underwater navigation system

Hello I'm new here. I'm a final year student working on my final year project.

I just got myself an Arduino Uno and a 5-DOF IMU (accelerometer & gyro) .
I want to interface it with Matlab's Simulink.
I need to generate the output from the Uno in real time and come up with a filter for the sensor output.

There are some other objectives that needs to be achieved, but for the time being these problems are posing the biggest challenge to me.

I hope someone can help me.
Thank you in advance.

Welcome in the wonderful world of Arduino

missing are a few things, including

  • what have you done so far?
  • description of the goal (business case)
  • detailed requirements
  • design
  • code
  • what exact sensor are you using ?
  • link to datasheet
  • what study do you do?
  • Electronics, Software, Physics, Psychology, ..

these problems are posing the biggest challenge to me.

Can you clarify exactly what problem you're asking for help with? At the moment it gives the impression that you haven't the slightest idea how to tackle any of these tasks, which I'm sure isn't the case (if it is, you've probably picked the wrong project).