Fingerprint Attendance System - Issue with fingerprint sensor

Good Morning All, first time poster here.

I've reviewed the current content on this issue, however I still seem to get the same error.

I'm developing a fingerprint attendance system, but I'm having issues with the module being found. The error shows "Did not find fingerprint sensor :(" :confused:

I am using an Arduino UNO Rev 2 WIFI, and Grove - Fingerprint Sensor

  • Attached is the code I'm trying to use. (Adafruit Lib Enroll).
  • Attached is the basic setup.

I've tried testing the Physical issues, such as connections, positions replacement cables etc, but to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


FingerprintSensorEnrollmentCode.txt (6.31 KB)

Swap the yellow & white wires, and try again.

Swap the yellow & white wires, and try again.

I've given that a go a few times, still to no avail.
It's certainly strange

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