Finite State Mchine Library

Anyone found the 1.8 version of this (or Any version of the FSM Library ). Nothing but a 2 bytes file there. What happen :0

It still amazes me that people need a library to make a finite state machine. This has been reported somewhere else in the forum, not sure if the other OP contacted the programmer of the library or not. Have you tried that?

For relatively simple programs with simple state machines, a library may seem like overkill, but for more complex projects where state diagrams are created as part of the design process, a good library can make turning those diagrams into a functional state machine relatively quick and easy.

Same problem here! If anyone knows where I could download FSM please let me know.

It still amazes me that people need a library to make a finite state machine.

Really? You do know that many people that come to the Arduino world have no past programming experience at all. I'm pretty sure many have no idea what a finite state machine is, let alone why they might want to use one. A library is a method to allow newcomers to utilize their Arduino hardware without first having to create functions from scratch.

A well written library can also be a good instructional tool to help newcomers to programming with learning the what, why and how of a new to them construct or function. I know reading library code helped me a whole lot when I first started using an Arduino as my experience was mostly with electronics hardware and not a lot of software experience.

So it might help to keep in mind that the Arduino user base spans a very wide spectrum of experiance and be a little more tolerant to the less experienced.


Version 1.6 of FSM can be found here:

The newer version for wiring should also work, but it seems you have to download each file separately: