Fio bootloader led blinking continuously

Hello everyone,

I was trying to upload sketches to fio wirelessly. After troubleshooting for countless hours I was able to do it successfully.

What I did figure out when I press the reset button and release right after clicking upload, the sketch gets uploaded successfully.

In the process above the led next to digital pin 13 and right in front of reset blinks once.

After being able to talk to one fio board, I tried talking to 2 boards at the same time. To do this I set the parameter DL using X-ctu to 0 for all xbee series 1 modules.

But since I did that the led next to digital pin 13 and in front of reset button is continuously blinking and I am again getting the 'stk500_ getsync()' error.

MY QUESTION: Does anyone have an idea of why would the bootloader led be continuously blinking? And if there is a way I can normalize it back to where I can upload sketches again?

Thank you.