Fio won't talk to me

Ahh, its a journey. I've been testing successfully with my Duemilonova and all is good. I'm ready to transfer the sketch to the Fio and plug in my FTDI basic adapter on the end of my cable.

I know the cable works as I've configured my xBees using an explorer board.

So I switch to the Fio (no xBee installed yet) and plug my FTDI cable in to the Fio (I have attached a header to the Fio).

I plug the USB in to teh FIO, port remains same on the PC and I've checked control panel.

Fio's led starts blinking at about 1 hz - I think thats coz its running blinky by default? So I know FIO is "Probably" alive

Anyway so when I hit the download button on the IDE I see the tx led on the FTDI board flash occaisionally then after about 30 seconds or so I get that nasty message

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

I'm confused as it works fine on teh other Duemi board but not on Fio when I swap over

Can anyone help? I've spent more than a few hours on this now and need some expert assist. :(

Did you change the board type before trying to upload to the FIO? Is that necessary? I suspect that it is since the FIO runs at 8MHz while the Duemilnove runs at 16MHz.

Yes, I have changed the board type in the IDE in Tools->Board menu. Its like the Fio does not get the “boot” prompt on the upload.

After persevering some more I've come up with a work around.

I hold down the rest button on the FIO (and keep it held down) I start the upload in the IDE When the IDE finishes compiling and actually starts the upload (message indicating this in the bottom window of the IDE), I release the reset button on Fio Voila!! Not a great way to do it so if anyone else can add to this I'd appreciate it. This mechanism won't support wireless uploading very well as you need to reset the Fio as described above. Easier to use the FTDI cable, coz you have to have it in front of you anyway.

As an aside the xBees are working fine now - one on Fio and one on the end of the IDE USB FTDI. Fio talks to me now over xBee, which was the end goal anyway.

What operating system and which version of the Arduino software? The auto-reset had problems on Linux in old IDE versions because it uses RTS, not DTR to do the reset. I think this is fixed in the latest IDE releases.

Thanks - I'll definitely giv it a trye. m using V0021

I have the same problem with my Lilypads, using v0021. Is the software reset broken in V0021 or something?



I think there is a problem with the latest FIO and arduino021 with the series 1 xbee's reset method. I have the modems configured correctly and the jumper in place on the fio board and sparkfuns usb/xbee board. Sometimes I can upload to the board (via xbee) over and over and it works just fine. Then it will stop working and the only way it will reset is via a hard reset or power on off of the fio. If I were a betting man I would say its the cap on the reset line not being reliable...

In terminal mode the fio and computer talk perfectly together for ever.


You mentioned a jumper on the FIO board. What do I need to know about this>


The jumper on the FIO has to do with the DTR and the xbee. It is a solder blob (technical term) on the pcb between the power switch and the battery connector.