Firgelli L12 -P Actuator + Arduino Mega 2560 + Pololu Dual VNH Driver

Dear All,

i have got a Pololu Dual VNH 5019 motor driver shield for Arduino, which can handle and provide higher current: 12A and up to 30A. I have also got another Arduino and have connected the two. i was wondering if you could guide me through how i should connect the power from the power supply to the shield and form the shield to the actuator. The actuator is a Firgelli L12 -P series, and I want to move it back and forth as a start…

Also there is a demo code for the pololu driver that is supposed to turn the motor indicator LED on even when no motor connected, but i run the code and it does not turn the LED on. Please advise!

Attached is a picture of the setup…thank you.

OK sir, this is the new setup i have with: Firgelli L12 -P actuator + Arduino Mega 2560 + Pololu VNH Motor Drive

I have the made the connections as seen in the picture. I got the blue LED (i believe this is the motor indicator LED) working which happens when i supply the Vin and Gnd with the red and black from the power supply.

But when i connect the M1A and Gnd to motor, nothing happens! I run the demo code which should run the motor back and forth but nothing!

COULD it be because i am only connecting the red of the motor to one of M1A or M1B and not both?

COULD it be due to less current going into the motor that it is not moving? I am saying this because I tested the motor connecting it directly to power supply and it works perfectly.

Would you please advise?
I appreciate your help!