firmata set initial value?

Hey guys.

Im using processing with servo firmata to control some pan/tilt servo arrangement. The problem im having is that when i run the processing program, before the window opens, the pan motor spins as fast it can in one direction, before spinning back the other way to the position defined in processing. This is a problem as the motors are moving a sound sculpture which is very delicate and heavy.

Is there a way to make sure im sending the same right value on startup?


You need to do the same as you would if you were doing it right. Define the servo position BEFORE you attach the servo.

I dont understand, do you mean inside the arduino code or processing?

Once you loaded firmata on the Arduino, you lost all ability to affect it's behavior. That only leaves one place where you can make code changes.

can i not edit the servoFirmata example to set the initial value?

i know that the initial value from processing is correct.

You can do whatever you like. Feel free to let us know how it turns out.

Ok thabks well i hope you eventually.get some at home

Why not try asking the people that wrote Firmata. They are not affiliated with Arduino, and have their own site at

Alternatively, ditch the unsupported Firmata, and write your own sketch to run on the Arduino. Then you'd have complete control of how it worked, and would be able to tune it better to your needs.

Right i see. Thanks for your genuine answer dxw00d!