Servo with Firmata and Processing

Hey People, I’m searching now for amazing 3hours :astonished:, but I hadn’t found ANYTHING, please help me guys!!!

I have an Arduino and I uploaded StandardFirmata on the Arduino.

On the other hand I’m working with Processing, and now my question:

How can I handle a Servo in Processing?
It has to work because there are Servo-Tags in the Source of StandardFirmata.

I tried PWM-Functions in Processing, with the Standard-Firmata uploaded on the Arduino but nothing works :disappointed_relieved:.
I tried this:

import processing.serial.*;
import cc.arduino.*;

int reservedPin = 9; //It's a PWM-Pin
Arduino arduino; 

void setup()
  arduino = new Arduino(this, Arduino.list()[0], 57600);

void draw() {

void mouseReleased() {
  for(int ia=0;ia<256;ia++) {
    arduino.analogWrite(reservedPin, ia);  
    if(ia==255) {

When I execute the program which is called like “firmata_test” from, I can choose PWM in the Pin-List and also Servo and then the hole thing works.
So, we can count the StandardFirmata out!
But how I have to write the source so that the function works???

Please help me!
Thank you very much!


You need to set the mode of the pin that the servo is attached to, to SERVO.

Servos don't use PWM, by the way.