First experiment in arduino - in need of advice - spray painting with rc car

As it says in the title, I am jumping into my first experiment with arduino. I am an artist in Montana and the potential art applications in arduino have my brain spinning. As I begin my research, it would benefit me a great deal if some of you more experienced users were point me in the right direction. I would like to control a switch, that when pressed, would wirelessly/remotely dispense paint from an aerosol can. This would be mounted to an rc car and then be unleashed upon the world.
I need to figure out what I need to accomplish this goal. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

This would be mounted to an rc car and then be unleashed upon the world.

Once you explain how you will clean up the vandalism later, we might be more inclined to help you.

I need to figure out what I need to accomplish this goal.

You need an RC control system with a spare channel, and a servo/linkage added to operate the sprayer.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

As PaulS says, you also need to take responsibility for any cleanup that may be required afterwards.

To first address the vandalism issue, that is purely an assumption on your behalf. That being said, I totally respect and understand where you are coming from. This project is for a university class and will be done in a controlled environment on a large roll of canvas. This project meant to explore alternative forms of line making using technology, not tagging the side walks. I am a conscious minded individual and I always clean up after myself. Any messing around done on the pavement outside my house will be done using water soluble paint.

Now that you have gotten past the bad choice of language, you might have a look in the robotics arena. A car with a spray can seems a pretty pointless exercise, and hardly merits an Arduino, but incorporating some sort of robotic arm can at least add another dimension, and there may be some value in that.

I came here for help, not to be criticized on the futility of my goal or choice of words.

So, back to the point. here is what i have so far:

an ANIMUS 18TR remote control vehicle (which I would prefer not to modify, since it was not cheap)

I modified and expanded upon this design for a Servo controlled arisol can Trigger. there is the link to the original concept Servo controlled Silly-String Trigger by sliptonic - Thingiverse

an arduino uno board and a variety of peripherals that came in a starter kit.

a servo motor (same one that fits the trigger design.

the nrf24l01+ transceiver module

Basically, I just need figure out what all i would need to control the servo through the transceiver module. what kind power supply do i need for button and on the other end for the servo. As well as any other components that might be necessary.
I figured out how to control the servo motor, but the task of doing so wireless is a bit past my skill level. Any positive input/help would be much appreciated.