First impressions and comments

I've finally got round to trying the new IDE, here are my comments for now.

The vertical lines linking, for example, where a for loop starts and ends, are a BIG improvement. Not being able to easily follow where something started and ended is something I hate on the old IDE.

Serial monitor being at the bottom of the main window instead of being in a window of its own is horrible. If there's a way to undock it please tell me, I can't find it.

Bottom right is NOTIFICATIONS, these cover up whatever else is open at the bottom and there does not seem to be a way to get rid of them, they are just there, on top, in the way.

Most important of all the UPLOAD button does not upload. I see someone else is having the same problem Upload does nothing. So to be clear, I have a Nano Every connected, it shows up in the port list, opening the serial monitor confirms it is connected but clicking the UPLOAD button does nothing. It does not compile, it does not upload.

I can't believe this bug has always been there, it would have been noticed by now, so I assume I might be doing something wrong.

There is no way to move it to a window of its own. There is a feature request for adding that capability here:

There is an icon at the top right of the notifications list and to the right of each individual notification to clear them:


However, there was a bug that made those invisible:

That bug was fixed today, but it is still present in the release version of the IDE.

There has actually been a ton of changes since the 2.0.0-beta.12 release, so if you are interested in beta testing I recommend using the nightly build:
(it won't have the fix for until today's build is generated)

Please try it with verbose output enabled and then post the output if you get any.

I am not able to reproduce it and I have tried with the Nano Every like you and with a Nano like in Upload does nothing. So it is not a universal problem.

Got it thanks, added my vote to have that capability.

OK, noted, I'll try a later release, probably not now though.

Not just no output, nothing at all, no sign of any activity of any kind, other than the button changes colour. I note that lots of other people are reporting the same thing so I'll continue this there.

Thanks for the quick feedback.

I've now played with the different colour schemes, I don't like any of them. In particular they seem to follow the current fashion of having very light colours that are almost indistinguishable, for example:
The tabs on the old IDE are white for the active tab and Arduino teal for the inactive tabs, there is a very clear and distinct contrast between them.

The active tab on the new IDE is white and the inactive tabs are a very, very light shade of grey that almost looks white, I have trouble distinguishing them. Yes, there is a teal bar above the active tab but it can't be more than a micro pixel high, it is almost invisible.

I tried the dark themes and they are worse, very dark black and dark black, almost indistinguishable.

I found this: Make bottom panel tabs more visually distinct · Issue #609 · arduino/arduino-ide · GitHub

Also this: It should possible to create user color themes like in VSC and to import VSC themes · Issue #139 · arduino/arduino-ide · GitHub . @ptillisch can you clarify for me does this cover what I am asking for? If I could set my own colours I'd be happy, but I have no idea what they are referring to when they mention VSC.

Nice! Hopefully the developers will be able to improve that situation soon.

I believe so. I don't know exactly what the extent is of the ability to customize the IDE via the theme system. It is possible there will be certain aspects that the theme system does not cover, as is the case with the classic IDE.

It is shorthand for "Visual Studio Code", Microsoft's extremely popular editor (more often referred to as "VS Code"):

(note that VS Code is different from their far less wonderful Visual Studio product)

Even though Arduino IDE 2.x is not based on VS Code, the Eclipse Theia IDE framework it is based on is built on the same Electron framework, and also parallels VS Code in other ways. So themes and extensions written for VS Code can also be used with Theia, and thus with Arduino IDE 2.x.

This means that we could potentially have a large selection of 3rd party themes available.

For example, you can see here a community member adding the "material" theme and "indent-rainbow" extension to their fork of Arduino IDE 2.x:

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