First project - Motor driven mutoscope

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my post. I recently did an introductory workshop with Arduino and could really use some help with setting up my first project. I need the Arduino to activate a small motor for a set amount of time, after an RFID chip is placed on an RFID reader and deactivate it again. I have no experience with own projects and would love to hear what things I would need to be able to build this. What motors/RFID would you recommend? What else would I need? (Diode, transistor?)

Any advice/help would be welcome and greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the forum! If you have just taken an introductory course, I would suggest you break your project down into small pieces and get each one to work. First off, can you turn a motor on/off? Depending on what motor you have, how much voltage it takes and the amount of current it draws, you might want a motor shield (adafruit or polulu) Get one of those and get your motor working (forward, reverse, fast, medium, slow, on for x seconds, etc.)

After that, get an RFID reader and a library. Try out the sample code, get it working so you can detect a chip or not.

Then, try putting them together. If you get stuck along the way, come back and ask for help.

And for the timing, avoid using delay(). To see how to use millis() (and micros()) read beginner's millis().