Flickering problem with Adalight + Prismatik on lightsource movement

Hello there!

I have built an Ambilight with Arduino Uno, WS2812b LEDs 30/m, Adalight, FastLED (GitHub - dmadison/Adalight-FastLED: Adalight with FastLED support) and the Prismatik community version (GitHub - psieg/Lightpack: Lightpack and Prismatik open repository).

So far everything works as it should, colors are accurate, positions are correct and it also works with every application on the PC. The only problem is that the LEDs seem to flicker when the light source is moved around the edge of the screen. I uploaded this in a video. The image on the monitor runs smoothly at 60 FPS (video is also recorded at 60 FPS), the LEDs look like they are flickering.

I have already played around with the settings of Prismatik, but it just doesn't get better. Now my guess was that the density of the LEDs is just too low? With a density of 30/m there is > 3cm space between the LEDs and my display is only 4cm away from the white wall.

However, due to the size of the display, I already have 104 LEDs in use. If I increase the density to e.g. 100/m I would have more than 300 LEDs. Do you have any idea if the Arduino Uno is sufficient to transfer the amount of data to the strip in real time at a reasonably good rate?

Do you agree that the density could be the problem, or should I adjust any parameters in the software or Prismatik as a test? Grab-delay in Prismatik is set to grab at 33FPS.

Thanks for your ideas and help and best regards.

Edit: forgot the video: 20210414 212721 - YouTube

Does this mysterious "Prismatic" that you didn't link to, have interpolation?

Sorry, I thought this project would be known :slight_smile: I added the link to my first post! (GitHub - psieg/Lightpack: Lightpack and Prismatik open repository)

Afaik it doesn't use interpolation!

Thanks and best regards

You have to understand how big the Arduino universe is. There are thousands of such projects.

Of course, my bad. I added links to all software I was mentioning in my first post.

You restored your thread too late, or there was a forum software error. I typed a long reply but it's lost now... good luck.

Basically, I did suggest that 104 LEDs sounds like a lot, but it's only 10x10 so basically vertical/horizontal steps are limited....

Yeah, I added two links to my first post and then immediately the thread was automaticaly hidden due moderator audit in terms of spam.....

Suggest you repeat your experiment but with slow screen motions. If it's due to bottlenecks, that would clear it up. If no, then you have too few LEDs with no interpolation.

Thanks, I will have a try. You know any Adalight compatibly screen grabbing software with interpolation implemented?

No. I don't even know any Adalight software. :slight_smile: I suspect (just a guess) there is only one. You might have to modify the library.

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