Flight Simulator Instrument Panel

Hi all!

Just looking for some help on a flight simulator instrument panel I want to plan. This is a project I am in very very early stages of, really just doing preliminary research at the moment. But I want to make a panel with the following:

  • 4-8 Covered toggle switches
  • Same number of rotating knobs
  • Electromechanical rotary altimeter, kinda like an old style car odometer, probably with a DC stepper motor.
  • LED readout for any status indicators I want to display

I wanted to ask about feasibility of this project. Is this something I can do with an Arduino? An Arduino and a RPi together? Will it be outrageously expensive? Where are some good resources for learning about planning and making this? Where can I learn about having the hardware interact with the game software? And does anyone know where I can find a mechanical rotary indicator like I described? I can't find one anywhere.

Thanks so much for all help!

With an UNO you would come quite far (good to start), to be sure to handle all IO you might need a MEGA.

If the graphics need to be real cool you might need the performance of a RasPi