Flutter and Arduino based IoT Starter Kit using ESP8266

Hello all,

I am excited to share our recent product which allows anyone to quickly start their IoT automation project. This is set of two boilerplate projects with all the core functionality ready already implemented. Below you can find links for more details along with video demo on YouTube.

Mobile App Features

  • Designed in Flutter, one of the best cross-platform mobile development framework backed by Google and a great open-source community
  • Flutter app can be natively complied to target all major platforms including: Android, iOS, Windows Linux, MacOS and Raspberry Pi
  • Clean code which can be easily customized and branded for your own projects
  • Dark and Light mode support
  • Streamlined multilingual implementation and selection through Settings page
  • Settings screen with save and load implementation
  • App can used as a Flutter Project Starter Template (Settings, Splash, Dark Theme, Multilingual etc.)

Arduino based ESP8266 Firmware Features

  • Commercial grade and time-tested firmware, ready to deploy for your personal and private projects
  • Wi-Fi and MQTT Broker Configuration Pages through AP Mode and Captive Portal
  • MQTT Protocol for 2-way communications for Remote Control and Telemetry
  • Dedicated LED Light with blinking behavior to let you know the device state (Booting/Connecting, Looking for MQTT, Ready State)
  • Highly resilient firmware with persisting configuration and auto-retry logic
  • Clean Code with comments and documentation for customization and modifications for your own projects

Would be happy to answer any questions or inquiries.

Great Development.

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