Found My Problem!

When I got my Arduino UNO a few weeks ago I could not get my computer to reckonze it. Since it was a used device I assumed it was broke!

I have been working with a SDR radio kit hat also uses an Atmel USB interface. I had problems making it work also.

Today I learned what the problems were.

The Atmel USB code uses a HID identifier. I was using a Win2K computer for testing when I plug the UNO into the Win2K computer ths computer does not tell me it sees the new device.

This week I added a WinXP installation on this computer. Now when I plug this device into the the computer I get the NEW DEVICE message but it says "UNKNOWN DEVICE". I got the same result an two other computers.

I was informed by the SDR group this is caused because I have a USB keyboard and mouse on this computer

Now that I know what the problem is I will try working with the UNO when I have some time.

My main reason for buying the UNO was to study the Atmel USB interface. But since this is a problem with the USB ID in the code I don't think I will be using the Atmel chips for my USB interface.

I will be trying to use one of the FTDI chips if I can solder a SSOP to an adapter. If not I will just go back to using a DLP module. I have several of those working.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa